If you enjoy recreational fishing you need to know your limits! There are strict laws stating how many fish you can take in one day and the length. In our region you can take a combined bag of 20 fish including, Snapper, John Dory, Moki and Tarakihi and up to 10 Snapper (must be 27cm in length). 

For a full list of the limits click here https://www.fisheries.govt.nz/travel-and-recreation/fishing/fishing-rules/auckland-kermadec-fishing-rules/#twistie         

Make sure you don’t venture into the Rodney-Otakari Point (Goat Island) Marine Reserve and the Tawaharanui Marine Reserve – these are special areas reserved for protecting species and habitats for future generations.  

Remember you can’t sell or trade any fish or shellfish you catch recreationally. Although you can get a special licence from the Ministry of Primary Industries – this is how the Leigh Fishing Contest gets permission to run a fish auction as all proceeds go the Westpac Helicopter Trust.  

If you get caught breaking the rules you could be fined up to $500, have your gear seized or end up in court and fined up to $10,000. 

There’s no excuse when you can even download a Fishing Rules app. 

So enjoy your days out fishing, bring home some kai for your family and leave some for future generations.