Buying or selling a property – residential, rural or commercial – can be a stressful experience. The team at Webster Malcolm endeavour to make sure that all you have to worry about is packing and unpacking. We can review the agreement for you, advise you on the title and take care of all the paperwork and any other matters affecting settlement.

Anything to do with property development comes with very specific red-tape, so this is when you need a highly-qualified and experience team on your side. The Webster Malcolm team has vast expertise on a range of property law issues such as: residential, rural and commercial conveyancing, subdivisions, easement and boundary issues, unit title development, resource management and leasing issues.

We work with individuals, businesses owners and property developers. Our team can assist you when dealing with obtaining financing, banks, neighbours and local councils.

Our Property Law services include:

  • Residential Conveyancing – Buying & Selling
  • Rural Conveyancing – Buying & Selling
  • Commercial Conveyancing – Buying & Selling
  • Subdivisions
  • Easement Issues & Boundary Realignments
  • Unit Title Development
  • Resource Management
  • Leasing

You can learn more about what it’s like to work with the Webster Malcolm team or discover our helpful articles here. Contact us for further information about how to proceed with your current legal issues.sold sign