Creating trusts and asset planning is an investment in the security of your future and that of your loved ones. It’s important that it’s done correctly. We can advise on whether a trust is right for your situation and if you have a trust we can help you administer it properly.

Our Trusts & Asset Planning services include:

  • Formation of Trusts – A trust may be beneficial for a wide variety of reasons such as: relationship property matters, preserving assets for the next generation and protection from creditors. If any of these circumstances fit you then the sooner a trust is set up, the better.
  • Trust Administration – It is important to ensure that once a trust is set up that it is properly administered or the purpose may be lost. Webster Malcolm can assist with the ongoing administration of your trust.
  • Family Arrangements – There are numerous and widely varying arrangements you may wish to enter into in order to protect your assets or interests. For example, a property sharing agreement if you are buying a house together. Our team can discuss the options with you and prepare deeds and agreements for you.

You can learn more about what it’s like to work with the Webster Malcolm team or discover our helpful articles here. Contact us for further information about how to proceed with your current legal issues.

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