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Gaanesh Seger

- Solicitor

Who is Gaanesh?

Gaanesh was born in Malaysia and grew up in Papua New Guinea before making the move over to New Zealand. He has met and befriended people from all walks of life. Before working at Webster Malcolm Law he interned at McBride Law and the Police Prosecution service in Manukau. He graduated in 2017 from the University of Auckland and was admitted to the bar in the same year.

Gaanesh works in a variety of areas at Webster Malcolm Law such as property, conveyancing, trusts, and commercial law.

He enjoys working closely with the partners and picking up tips of the trade. He has been told that he has an uncanny ability to remain calm in most situations and is friendly, down to earth, and easy to get along with.

The Best Part of the Job

Gaanesh enjoys helping clients achieve their goals. Often lawyers are seen as unapproachable however, he aims to be anything but. He enjoys going the extra mile to ensure that clients’ needs are met and is always available to discuss and help clients with any issues they may have.

Why Law?

Atticus Finch showed Gaanesh the realistic difference that law can make in people’s lives. The ability to make change in society is what drew him to law. The interesting and diverse challenges that the work brings, is what has kept him here.

Outside Work

Gaanesh is an avid New York Knicks fan. He enjoys playing basketball and loves watching movies. If you ever need a movie recommendation he is the guy to see. He lives in Albany but enjoys the Warkworth area due to the close-knit community.

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