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Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy - Consultant

Chris Murphy specialises in areas such as retirement and asset planning and business law. Contact Chris today.

Who is Chris?

Chris has been involved in the ownership, development and operation of a number of Auckland’s finest retirement villages. This wider business experience enables Chris to understand a client’s day to day business issues from a client’s perspective.

As a lawyer Chris’ work primarily relates to client’s business and personal asset structures, property and business sales and contractual matters.

The Best Part of the Job

Chris’ enjoys the opportunity to assist clients as they work their way through their issues. Webster Malcolm is not your typical small town law firm. The team at Webster Malcolm has strong commercial and litigation expertise which enables Webster Malcolm to assist where other local firms would need to refer clients to Auckland based lawyers.

Why Law?

Knowledge of the law is essential in business and outside of business when making some of life’s more important decisions. Chris’ knowledge of the law enables Chris to assist his clients with issues that are important to them. Sound timely legal advice can help a client save money or make money or simply provide with peace of mind.

Outside Work

Chris has a strong interest in the Warkworth community. Chris’ primary focus is his family. He is Chair of the Warkworth Primary School Board of Trustees. Pre children Chris was active as a player and member at the Mahurangi Rugby Club.

Chris is a director of the Real Living Group of retirement villages (existing villages in Pakuranga, Remuera and Epsom) and is engaged in the pending build of a retirement village in central Warkworth. He is a director of the Rodney Surgical Centre, a facility that provides Rodney residents access to first class surgical services in Warkworth. In each of these capacities Chris’ ability to listen and communicate are key.

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