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Brie Piggott

- Solicitor

Who is Brie?

Brie grew up in Takapuna but moved to a dairy farm in Galatea (1hr out of Rotorua) at the start of High School.

Brie thinks that that relocation shaped her into who she is today. She noticed that in Takapuna everyone around, lived the same sort of life. She thinks her world view was quite limited. But on the bus to school in Reporoa, students went through Murupara and Kaingaroa where there is a lot of poverty. Many of her friends had no lunches and no shoes. On the bus she had her hair lit on fire by another student, and fireworks were set off out the moving bus window. This changed her understanding of the world and turned her mind to the impact the family environment has on your life.

Going to Otago for university and living so far away from her mum and dad taught her to be independent and think for herself.

The Best Part of the Job

Everyone who needs a family lawyer is at a stressful and emotional point in their lives. Brie enjoys simplifying matters and helping them through it.

The best part for Brie is getting to the end of a matter and reaching an outcome that is best for everyone involved, and clients are then able to move on with their lives.

Why Law?

The above ties into the why she chose law. Her eyes were opened to a different world, when she realised how privileged she was. Brie did not think it was fair that these children were living like this and wanted to get herself into a role where she could help. Her parents also separated when she was in her last year of Primary. It was smooth and did not impact her at all because it was handled so well, so she wanted to make sure that was the case for plenty of other children too.

Brie worked for several years in Tauranga to hone her family law skills and is now excited to be helping families in Mahurangi.

Outside Work

When living in Tauranga prior to this, Brie bought herself a surfboard and gave that a go. She says she is getting better – but needs to find beaches up here to keep it up!

She loves reading and is always buying new books before she has read the ones she has. Her favourite is I am Pilgrim. By Terry Hayes

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