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Beth Jones

- Solicitor

Beth was born in the UK and moved to Mahurangi with her family when was she was 9 years old. She attended local schools before studying law at Victoria University and had the good sense to return to the area. Beth is a great networker (not addicted to social media!) and always knows what’s going on.

Beth worked in IT recruitment before practising law which developed her personal skills and interest in technology. She also undertook research for a local MP on education and family violence.

Beth is our social conscience, reminding us why we do what we do and always looking for innovative ways to educate our clients and community.

The Best Part of the Job

Beth joined Webster Malcolm Law as a law clerk which gave her exposure to all aspects of the job. She has helped us improve our systems using the latest technology.

Beth now enjoys representing clients in the Family Court and assisting clients through challenges they face by changes in their lives such as separation or entering residential care.

She is becoming an expert in trust law and has already given presentations in the community on the new Trusts Act.

Why Law?

Legislation is often archaic and difficult for the everyday person to understand and navigate, Beth thinks lawyers play a vital role in bridging the gap between legislation and people.

Outside Work

Outside of work Beth likes attending live gigs, running and has set up a local running group. Living near Omaha she tries to go for a swim as often as possible.

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